Are You Smarter than a Reservationist?

By Kevin Kingdon

Laughter can change a dull and lonely moment into one cheerful and lively jiffy where life’s various dilemmas—anxiety, soreness and discord—can easily be handled. For author, reservationist, and comedian Kevin Kingdon, Are You Smarter than a Reservationist? is a good place to enjoy laughter and humor’s powerful benefits as it compiles tickling anecdotes and jokes inspired by his experiences, wit, and spontaneous sense of humor.

In this book of funny tales and jokes, Kingdon proves that a good laugh brings the heart and mind in perfect harmony, which will ultimately radiate in one’s everyday life. He basically takes readers on a hilarious virtual tour into various worlds where he worked through these witty pieces. With its seven chapters representing different spheres, Are You Smarter than a Reservationist? unveils the quaint and humorous instances in airline, hotel, and restaurant reservations that leave everyone in animated chuckles. It also showcases the enjoyable purchasing stories, presents a plethora of funny accounts and jokes, and highlights some personal anecdotes that reflect the euphoria of life and living. This surfeit of stories and jokes is simple, honest, and vibrant, which is sure to tickle one’s funny bone.